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Skin care post a cosmetic surgery

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Skin care, Cosmetic SurgeryIf you are going for a cosmetic surgery then there are loads of things to consider. However after the surgery is done the most important thing to consider is skin care. If you are to have a cosmetic surgery done then it’s time you asked your doctor for a complete skin care routine till your cosmetic surgery heals completely.
Here are a few tips that might come handy:

• Using medicated skin creams for your skin which are extremely harmless and have no chemical reaction with the skin what so ever except adding moisture to it.

• Refrain from going in for any skin treatment that involves application or usage of strong chemicals. For example if you had the cosmetic surgery on your face, avoid going in for beauty treatments like bleaching.

• Follow the dos and don’ts provided by the doctor to the T and take the necessary medicines at times.

Benefits of coconut oil for your skin care

Monday, January 28th, 2013

coconut oil for skin careCoconut oil is one of the most versatile oil present in nature. Coconut oil is derived from coconut and is used worldwide for its properties and goodness. One the major usage of coconut oil is in the form of coconut hair oil that acts as perfect nourishment for your scalp and helps to keep hair young and strong.

Coconut oil acts wonder on the skin too. Here are a few benefits of coconut oil for your skin care:

• Coconut oil has amazing skin lightening ability. This property can be used by those who want to have a glowing and healthy complexion.

• Coconut oil massage is one of the best ways to treat sun tan and sun burn as it removes the tan and breathes life into your burnt skin.

• Coconut oil has a mild yet heavenly smell that changes your body odor to the same with regular use and massage.

How to give yourself a cleaning facial at home

Friday, January 25th, 2013

facialWe all love facials. Facials were always popular with women and these days even men have picked up the trend. The glow that a facial imparts to your skin is undeniable and is definitely addictive prompting several visits to the parlor. If you want to be spared of parlor visits then the best thing to do is get a facial done at home by yourself!

Here are a few ways in which you can give yourself a cleaning facial at home:

• Get hold of an anti-bacterial and cleansing face wash, a good face scrub and a branded facial cream.

• Wash your face with water and apply a thin but even coat of the face wash on your skin and keep it for a few minutes. Rub your fingers on your face with water and wash it off gradually.

• Repeat the process using the face scrub and then with the facial cream, massaging well before removing them.

How to get rid of scars

Monday, January 21st, 2013

scars, skin careScars are ugly. They are present on the face due to a sudden attack of pimples that you might have had recently or can be the after effects of any external cuts of injury and can be found and formed on any part of the body. Everyone wants to get rid of scars and especially those that are present on exposed parts of the body.

Here are a few tips that can help lighten scars and make them disappear over time:

• Massaging the area with good quality body oil that has skin lightening properties is a good idea. Coconut oil is known to remove skin darkness and make is brighter and fairer. This property can be used to lighten your scars as well.

• There are a number of good scar lightening creams available in the market these days and they can be used. They should however be applied daily and as many times as directed to get the desired result.

Protecting your hair while styling

Friday, January 18th, 2013

hair stylingWe all love to style out hair on different occasions to enhance our looks and also to change the way our hair looks and feels at times. There are some who go for permanent straightening or ironing of the hair while there are others who go for permanent curls or temporary waves. All this styling can damage your hair if proper steps are not taken to protect it.

Here are a few ways in which you can protect your hair while styling:

• Regularly oil your hair and maintain a clean and healthy scalp if you want to style your hair.

• There are a number of protective hair serums available in the market that protects your hair from chemical damage. Choose a brand that suits your hair and make sure you sure that before you style.

• Follow the dos and dont’s specified by your hair stylist to the T and make sure that you maintain and follow them throughout to minimize any self inflicted damage.

Causes of under eye puffiness

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

under eye puffinessOur eyes are over strained at all times. If there is a party, we line our lines with five different kinds of cosmetic liners, eye shadows, mascara etc and then after the party is over, we are too impatient to remove them gently, we rub and scrub till our eyes are red and watery. Another way in which we strain our eyes is by spending hours after hours either in front of the television or in front of the computer screen. They tire and stress our eyes like no other.

One of the biggest reasons why most of us suffer from under eye puffiness is because of lack of sleep. Lack of sleep combined with harsh treatment to the eyes, like rubbing and scratching along with hours of television watching or working on the computer are the main reasons why are eyes puff up. This way, it indicates that you need to pay some attention to one of the most delicate and important part of your body.

Wonders Bronzer Can Do To Your Skin

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Bronzer for skin careBronzers are the newest additions to the make-up kits and help one get that perfect sun-kissed tan look.

Bronzers are available in creams or powders and they can be used with any skin complexion, you only have to know the best shade that will complement your natural beauty.

• Fair complexioned women must use rosy tinge or pearl tone bronzers. Dark shades although will give more shine but will make the face look dull.

• For women with whitish or olive skin tones light shimmer or warmer shades are preferable.

• Dusky complexioned women only need bronzers to highlight some features of their face like the cheek nose, bones and chin. Using pearl or silver shades will again deliver an artificial look to the face.

Applying the bronzer is an art and a circular, large dome-shaped, short-handled kabuki brush must be used to highlight the best part of the face and the strokes must be made from inside outwards. Bronzer gels must be evenly blended.

How can you get rid of facial warts?

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

facial wart,skin careWe all love and want to have a clean face. Pimples, freckles and warts are constant source of irritation and embarrassment as it draws the attention away from the other features of the face and makes people notice them first and foremost.

Here are a few ways in which you can get rid of facial warts and pimples:

• The best thing, though it takes the longest time to show effect is to change your diet and make it completely oil and fat free. A change in diet is sure to show on your face.

• If the wart is persistent and almost permanent in nature like in case of those born with it then getting it surgically removed is the best and permanent solution.

• If are afraid to go under the knife then try out cosmetic tricks that will effectively hide your wart or make them less obvious when you are hanging out with friends or family.

Tools You Will Need For Nail Art

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

nail artManicure has a new definition and people undergo the procedure not only for beauty but also to keep the hands and fingers healthy. Nail art is not only for those teenage girls who know to keep pace with fashion; it is very well a global trend today.

With numerous designs and a place to showcase creativity, nail art is today a genre in itself. One does not have to be a great painter to master the technique; with a little practice and some experience, one can create masterpieces.

• The primary tool one would require is lacquer (runny in texture) that helps create straight lines.

• Next comes thin brushes, and one must use the best quality ones such that the shape is not lost.

• Nail art stickers find good acceptance for those people who are impatient and clumsy.

• Nail art brushes come in different shapes and sizes and one can make practically anything with them.

• Acrylic paints are the newest member in this family and they have worked wonders.

Extra virgin olive oil and skin benefits

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

olive oil, skin careAll love to eat. Eating is especially more among women who generally cook for the entire family and tend to eat before and after meals to finish off the left over food. Oil is one of the major components of any dish and increased oil consumption can lead to pimple outbursts on your skin and also make your skin look old and stale and lackluster.

The best way to deal with this is to replace your regular cooking oil with extra virgin olive oil and also include it as your massage oil. Here are a few benefits of extra virgin olive oil that affects your skin directly:

• Extra virgin olive oil is enriched with Vitamin E that works wonder for your health and thereby for your skin.

• Extra virgin makes the oil closest to its natural state and thereby this goodness is imparted to your skin if you use it regularly for massage.