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Secrets of Organic Skin Care

Monday, March 25th, 2013

organic skin care tipsSkin is a vital part of our body. We all like to have flawless glowing and spotless skin naturally but environmental reasons and poor lifestyle choices tend to be a hindrance. That’s why instead of going for harmful chemical based skin care products, you should always choose organic products. You can also choose natural ingredients for your skin. A mixture of honey, gram flour and milk can make your skin glow in no time. Apply this mixture as a face mask every once a week to notice the difference.

Choose herbal based organic products with natural ingredients like avocado, Aloe Vera, honey, glycerin, and herbs. Organic skin care is one of the best ways to have a naturally healthy glowing skin. Using anti aging organic materials for your skin is also a good idea. You can consume green tea and put a papaya face pack every once or twice a month for the perfect skin.

Get That Flawless Glow With Mineral Foundation

Monday, March 18th, 2013

glowing skinIf you want an instant flawless glow to your skin, you should try out mineral based foundation. This is a new age foundation solution which can give your skin that flawless look seconds after application. Many well reputed brands have their own form of mineral foundation. But it’s always safe to try the patch test for 24 hours before trying out any new product. When you apply the foundation, you must make sure that your face is clean and dry.

Try using a face wash before applying mineral foundation and pat your face dry. Then pour a small amount on your palm and spread it out evenly on your palm and apply in sections on your face. Don’t use too much just try to stay as light and natural as you can. You can use a powder puff on it after that to even out the whole foundation. Do remember to remove it with a cotton ball dipped in water before you sleep.

Do The Stretch Mark Creams Really Work?

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

stretch marksStretch marks are basically pale colored or reddish marks on the skin which appear when there is excess weight lost or gained. This is completely natural and there is nothing medically dangerous about stretch marks. Mostly, people have stretch marks around the abdomen, thighs or buttocks and upper arms. Some overweight people can also have stretch marks on their back and calves. Pregnancy is also a solid reason why women can have stretch marks around the abdominal area.

There are many medicated creams available for stretch marks. Also it has been said that almond oil massages can help reduce stretch marks over time. But the key is to start early. Whenever you start gaining or losing weight you should start using these creams. Using the creams after the stretch marks have appeared completely could take a lot of time to get rid of them. It might not even go completely at that stage. That’s why start early especially if you’re pregnant. Start around the 4th month if possible, in case of pregnancy.

Causes of Extreme Hair Fall

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

hair fallHair fall is one of the most common problems faced by both men and women all over the world. There could be a lot of reasons which could lead to hair fall. Environmental factors and nutritional factors are the main reasons which control hair condition. If you live in an area which has a lot of dust, grime and pollution, it could affect the quality and state of hair over time.

Also you need to keep your scalp clean and fresh at all times for good hair growth. Also some habits like taking illegal drugs, smoking and excessive drinking could leads to hair fall. Many people have bad side effects from medication which could lead to this condition. Your daily intake of nutrition should be optimum for your age and gender so that you can have good hair growth. Drink lots of water, go for hot oil massages, trim your hair every 3 months and include vitamin E in your diet for healthy hair health.