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Steps for facial skin care

Friday, August 30th, 2013

facial skin careIf you want your face to have a healthy glow, then you should definitely go for facial skin care. Facial skin care should be done in a disciplined way to get achieve the desired result. Almost all beauty parlors these days provide facial skin care facilities. In those parlors, professionals do the facial skin care in a proper way. However you can also do the facial skin care regularly at home. But for that you should know the proper way of doing the facial skin care. If not done properly, you will not get the desired result. Facial skin care consists of various steps. It is very important that should know each and every step properly before you go for facial skin care.

The first step of facial skin care includes cleansing. By proper cleansing, you can remove the dirt and the oils from your skin. Cleansing should be done with a proper cleansing lotion. Massage the lotion on your face and you neck to remove all dirt. After you are done, you should pat your face with a wet towel and then allow your skin to dry. Cleansing should be done regularly to keep your skin healthy.

The very next includes toning by the use of a proper toner. Though regular cleansing can compensate the need for toning, but then toning is highly recommended at least twice in a week after your skin is exposed to extreme and rough environmental conditions.

Exfoliating your skin helps to remove the dead cells that block the skin pores preventing the oxygen to enter the skin. As a result of exfoliation, your skin is also protected from problems like development of blackheads pimples, etc.

The last step consists of moisturizing which is very important because moisturizing helps the skin from getting dry and rough. Without moisturizing, the top layer of the skin can break leading to growth of the dead cells.

How to stay fresh & glowing this monsoon?

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

mansoon skin careHeavy downpour not only dampens the mood but affects your beauty as well. People often complain of dull damaged hair and oily skin during the rainy season. But not to worry as there are some really effective ways that can keep your skin and hair all healthy and glowing even amidst the grand showers. The post below offers effective tips on skin & hair care in the monsoon months.

Skin care in monsoon

Fungal infection is a serious menace in the rainy season given the very humid ambience brought by the showers. Your task is to keep your skin sufficiently dry and allow good air circulation around. It’s advised not to put on socks for a prolonged time to allow easy air circulation in between the toes which are mostly affected from fungal infection. Rely on floaters or sandals wherever possible so that your feet are fresh and airy always. Use dusting talc generously to prevent sweat & moisture accumulation in the skin folds. Make sure to wash the feet with hot water and soap after you are home wading through dirty stagnant water- dry them properly. Then, the skin gets very dull and oily during the showers. The beauty experts suggest using monsoon compatible moisturizers here like those made from orange juice, strawberry extracts and rose water. Avoid the oily foundations, cream-based make up and heavy moisturizers during the monsoon season. You must take care to exfoliate your skin at least a couple of times every week with a good facial scrub.

Hair care in monsoon

Hair fall is very common during the rainy months. Thus the beauty experts suggest on taking to anti-hair breakage shampoos this time to prevent further damage. Hair spas and masks are also advised to ensure the hair gets proper nutrients which will enable it to regain the desired strength. Those with oily hair should wash the hair almost everyday. Dandruff is a serious issue during monsoon and hence you must count on anti-dandruff shampoos religiously to prevent any dandruff attack.