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Benefits Of A Body Spa

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Body SpaMost of you are aware of the fact that a body spa can do wonders for your body to remain fresh and energetic but very less have the idea of how much it actually rejuvenates your skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Every one of you needs to relax at least twice a month as you go through a tight schedule of work. The benefits that you can get from a health resort by going for a day spa can be summarized in the following.

It is known to you all that body massages is the best solution to relax the muscle tension but very less of you would be able to explain all the advantages of a good body massage. The nervous system gets relaxed along with your brain by a body massage. Through a good body massage you can ensures the best working ability by your circulatory system as well as your digestive system. The different techniques of a body massage will help your lung as well as your lymphatic system to work better and get rid of the toxins and wastes from the body. The ultimate solution of pain in different parts of your body is a good body massage.

After the hard work in office, a hot water bath in the hot tub or the Jacuzzi for an hour or two is like the cream on the cake. A well known therapy to heal your body is called the “Hydrotherapy”. Steam and hot water can remove all the troubles of your body magically. The blood vessels are dilated by promoting a good circulation through the process of hydrotherapy. Your body muscles also get relaxed and you can spend the weekends like a breeze.

Another good effect of a day spa is that is removes all the stress from your body. Previously your ancestors never had to go through so much of stress in life like you. And thus these facilities were not at all popular that time. The wellness resorts are really getting popular day by day as they are providing a lot to keep you fit and fresh in this stressful world.

Taking care of your nails

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

care of your nailsMore often than not, we do not give our nails the care that they deserve. We use them as pliers and screwdriver, soak them in dishwater and subject them to chemicals quite frequently. All these things might result in broken, chipped nails and your nails might spit or peel as well. And at times, broken or chipped nails can be very painful. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your nails properly to ensure that they do not suffer from any kind of damage.

The first thing that you must remember is, if you nail has broken then you need to clip it as soon as possible. Cutting your nail as short as possible after it has broken will ensure that the break does not extend further down the nail. If the nail has broken badly and you nail is raw and torn, you should apply some antibiotic ointment on the damaged part. This will prevent the occurrence of any infection. A lot of people think that putting bandage on a broken nail is helpful but do not use a bandage unless the damage caused to your nail is very severe because the bandage will hold in the moisture and heat.

Secondly, when you clip your nails you should clip them properly and make sure that your nails are cut straight across. If you round the edges of your nail it might result in ingrown nails.

Third, while doing household chores you should wear gloves. For chores that involve water you can wear vinyl gloves; for chores that can be done sans water you can use the cotton gloves.

Lotions are nails’ best friends and you must apply good quality lotions on your nails. Plain petroleum jelly can work wonders for your nails and if you use hand creams make sure that you use the ones that have 10% urea.

Getting rid of the wrinkles on your face

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

wrinkles on your faceAging is a serious issue to almost everyone in this world. No one wants to look old even if they actually are. Wrinkles are the basic features of aging and give too much tension to mostly those who are really conscious about their beauty and aging. The wrinkles create inferiority complexes among people, especially women who are used to maintain a social life. There are a lot of techniques to get rid of these disturbing wrinkles which can be chosen by you according to the preferences and budgets.


This is an effective way through which wrinkles can be removed and make you look younger. A diamond-tipped wand is used to move away the dead and old skin cells and thus presenting a much younger looking skin. A skin specialist is the best person to carry on this process at a spa or clinic. Otherwise it can also be done at home with expert advice. A number of sessions should be followed to experience a drastic change on your skin.


Botox is a type of injection usually opted by celebrities. It is a very popular way to look younger because a person who has taken a botox injection will look like as if undergone a plastic surgery. Through this, a kind of toxin is injected into the body which leads to relaxation of the face muscles and smoothening out the wrinkles and lines that appear in the face. This anti aging process is though easy but also a temporary one. After 2 to 3 months, the wrinkles reappear and the person needs to have another botox shot. In the long run, this method can turn out to be too much expensive.

Collagen injections

Through a collagen injection, a substance called collagen in injected into the skin to fill it. Usually the lips become pouty due to this injection. Like the Botox, this procedure is also very costly and remains only for 2-3 months.

Getting rid of unsightly freckles effectively

Monday, October 7th, 2013

unsightly frecklesFreckle usually means an unpleasant to look at brown patch on the skin which might turn darker and more pronounced with the exposition of that part of the skin on the sun. Its a kind of an uneven tan very unpleasing to look at and genetic in nature. The skin produces a pigment- melanin which is responsible for the brown colour of the skin. This brown pigment however is generated at only some spots on the skin for some people. So as the skin is exposed to the sun the parts which generate melanin will continue to do their work resulting in dark brown spots on the skin of its victim. The most probable and best solution hence is to stay less exposed to sunlight as much as possible. Other temporary solutions can be applications of lotions and other cosmetic products. Laser treatment is also one solution to reduce and remove freckles but in some cases it lightens the skin around the affected area resulting in greater contrast.

The best way to get rid of the freckles is to stay away from the sun, so avoid going outdoors during noon time. Make sure that if you’re out in the sun clothes which cover most parts of your body especially hands shoulders and face should be covered. Wear a hat to avoid the direct sunlight. Use of sunscreen with 20 SPF as a second layer of protection is always advised. Lemon juice can be rubbed on the skin and left to dry for 15 minutes, this would make the complexion whiter by lightening the freckles. Face masks made from strawberries, mashed cucumbers and apricots are also very effective in reducing and removing freckles from the skin. Intake of vitamin C by consuming more citrus fruits like oranges, grapes and lime helps in the reduction of freckle formation too.

Say bye-bye to dark circles naturally

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

dark circlesAre you worried about your dark circles and looking for effective remedies? Well, surely, dark circles are always unsightly and gives out a sick impression on your pretty face. However, not to worry, as there are a number of ways that can help you to get rid off the dark circles easily. The post here is a brief on the natural tips that will help you to vanish the dark circles sans any sort of negative side kick.

Cucumber is wonderful help when you are worried due to your dark circles. Get cucumber juice & apply it directly around the eyes everyday. Keep it like that for around 15 minutes and then wash off the area with normal water. Potato juice is another effective help against dark circles. You can make a mix of potato & cucumber juice in 1:1 ratio and apply the blend directly on the darkened area near the eyes. Follow the same process as that with cucumber juice. Then you have lemon juice. Blend lemon juice with cucumber juice in equal proportion and apply the mix on the dark circles. Apply the blend everyday & wash off the area with cool water after fifteen to twenty minutes. Besides, tomato juice can also help to lighten up the skin color and remove the unsightly dark circles.

However, you must know that dark circles are the result of unhealthy living, excessive stress and improper blood circulation. Hence you must appropriate your lifestyle in order to achieve a healthy unblemished countenance. Focus on a nutritious & balanced diet which should include salads, fresh fruits, yoghurt, sprouts daily as well as skimmed milk, unprocessed cereals, cottage cheese, beans and lentils. Daily exercise is needed as well that will help in enhancing blood circulation. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Get adequate sleep & proper rest.