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Tattoo Aftercare

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Tattoo AftercareTattoo craze is spreading like wildfire throughout the globe. Youngsters specially are very attracted towards this new skin art form and are bent on getting one done themselves. They get so overflowed by the want of getting ‘inked’ that they do not realise that once it’s done, care has to be taken to prevent their skin from further damage.

Tattoos are supposedly permanent body art and going by that its effects last for a few days only. The skin needs to be maintained and taken care of for 45 days for it to heal completely. Otherwise the initial healing lasts for only a week. Remember to get your tattoo done from a well reputed place with sterilised needles. A good tattoo artist and place will always leave you with the instructions of its after care.

2 hours after the design has been inscribed into your skin remove the bandage so that it doesn’t stick. There are chances of seeing blood when the bandage is removed but it is nothing to worry about; just clean it with water. Wash the tattoo area with an antibiotic soap and use tissues to pat it dry. This is important as a towel may cause abrasion.

Topical antibiotics are not recommended as they may cause reactions with the skin. Non-antibiotic creams can be applied on the skin once the cleaning is done after bandage removal. The above mentioned cleaning process should be followed regularly for 5 days, 3 times a day. After 5 days a water based body lotion can be used. Do not re-bandage your tattoo for the next 15 days.

While the 45 day period of complete healing is on try wearing looser comfortable cotton clothes. Limit that part of the skin to direct sun exposure. Avoid scratching when it is getting healed and stay dry as much as you can.