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Harmful Effects of Hair Color

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Hair ColorColored mane is one of the latest fads of the day followed by almost everybody -starting from the film stars to your next door teen queen. But while the hair color assures a trendy fashion for the time being yet in many cases it had led to many adverse effects as well. The article here discusses the harmful effects caused by hair color.

Dry fragile hair

Hair breakage is one of the most prominent effects of hair color. You must know that the hair colors are stuffed with an ensemble of chemicals that leave on a dry and rough effect on your naturally soft tresses and you eventually end up with fragile and damaged hair. The sole solution here is to chop off the damaged locks & wait for new hair growth.

Allergy & irritation

This is one of the highly disastrous effects of taking to the chemical stuffed hair color. In many cases, hair color has been found to result in skin irritation and allergic reactions. There are varied symptoms of these reactions such as sores, redness, burning sensation, discomfort and itching. Thus, the hair color brands generally recommend a patch test to verify its compatibility with your skin before you apply it all over your mane. You need to apply little bit of the tint on your skin and wait for 48 hours. If there is no adverse reaction, you are safe to use it in entirety.
Discoloration of skin
The fingernails and skin carry the same keratinized protein like your hair. It implies that slips, drips & extra tint around hairline could mean discolored skin. It’s more obvious with the darker colors & for people with absorbent dry skin. Always make sure to put on gloves while coloring your hair and apply petroleum jelly along your hairline.