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Effects of tattoo on your skin

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

tattoo ideasAre you aspiring to get yourself inked off late? Well, tattooing is one of the most “in” things in the contemporary fashion world and almost everybody is looking forward to get oneself inked with a cool tattoo. But, despite the cool factor, tattoos can pose a lot of threats as well. The post here is a little brief on the side kicks of getting inked.

The first one is the most important though not 100% confirmed by any scientists. There are large amount of metallic inks and salts used in the tattoo inks and organic dyes.

These harmful substances are bound to remain in the skin forever leading to chemical reaction under the skin. The chemical benzo pyrene mostly used in black tattoo inks are said to be carcinogenic when tested on animals. Large amount used on the skin may not cause cancer directly but may be a major factor contributing to cancer. Benzo pyrene is directly injected into the dermis and there are great chances of it causing skin cancer!

Skin allergies are another side effect of getting a tattoo. Many people with delicate skin may not be able to accept the chemical ingredients introduced into it and may show certain allergies on the skin. The pigments cannot be removed easily as they have been injected and embedded into the skin. Thus the only solution to this is going through laser treatment which is expensive and time consuming and there is no guarantee even after the treatment that all the pigments will been removed.

Certain skin types are even prone to developing Cheloids. Cheloids are certain scars on the skin which are formed due to skin damage or tissue damage. These scars may become very itchy and burn but there’s s no cure. While tattooing, the injection may break skin tissues resulting in this condition. Thus, it’s always advisable to get yourself tattooed from an expert artist only who is extensively trained in proper handling of the ink injection.

Redness and swelling is a common symptom and happens for 90% of people who do get tattooed. This does not lead to any serious condition. Proper care can reduce these within 3 weeks of getting inked.

Thus, you have to be really careful when it comes to tattooing. Always make sure to get yourself inked from a reputed and seasoned tattoo artist. Check out that he uses a new needle for every project to ward off any possibility of communicable diseases. You have to religiously follow all the tattoo after-care tips if you want a healthy inking experience.