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Cute nail design ideas

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Cute nail designNail art is getting really strong these days. Hailed as one of trendy fashions in the contemporary style scene, it’s a must-do for every edgy fashionista out there. Are you too planning to get an artsy touch for your long nails of late? Well, the good news is that there is a great spread of cool nail designs to pick from. You would just have to be ready with a base coat, top coat and striping brush and nail art brush.

Breton stripes

First of all, apply the base coat polish on all your nails. Follow it up with a white nail enamel as the base coat dries up. In the next step, get a navy blue nail polish and use your striping brush to create the Breton blue stripes in horizontal layers, across your nails. Make sure to maintain considerable gap between the stripes so that they don’t get smeared with each other. Next take a red nail polish to create a crimson French tip on the nail. Finally, highlight the French tip with a gold enamel underlining it. After the colors dry up, use a top coat enamel to seal the look.

Abstract feather touch

You will need white, black, purple and green nail enamels to complete the abstract feather-touch look. , Apply the base coat polish on all your nails and follow up with the white nail enamel as the base coat dries up. Now, take the black polish & smear it all across your nail to ensure the abstract feel- wiping up maximum color from the brush. Repeat the same step with the purple polish as the black dries up. Then, use the green enamel in varied directions on your nail to come up with a wispy feathered effect. Finally, apply the top coat to get the final look.

Fuchsia floral

If you are looking for something quick yet catchy, Fuchsia Floral is the one for you. You will need a fuchsia enamel here as the main shade, as well as white, black and green for detailing. So start off with your base coat. As it dries up, apply the fuchsia color on all your nails- apply it in 3 strokes- one on middle & 2 on each sides. In the next step you use the white polish to create cute flowers on the ring-finger nail with the detailing brush. Use green and black on the sides of the nail in slight slanting strokes to ensure an artsy effect. Finally, add the top coat.

Starry Nights

You will need violet, purple and white nail enamels as well as your makeup sponge. Apply the basecoat and follow it up with the violet nail enamel on the entire nail. As the violet polish dries, pour the purple polish on the sponge & dab the color on bottom of the nail tips. Now, use your detailing brush to create tiny white stars on the nails with the white enamel- try creating stars in varied sizes. Finally apply the top coat to seal the look.