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How to Avoid the Hair Color Fading

Thursday, October 20th, 2016
Girl holding Hair Color strip of her hairs

Hair Color fading tips

Now that you are having your most gorgeous, beautiful and stunning hair color, marinating it from fading is also an important point. It is easy to avoid the hair colors fading at home too. Proper utilization of colors and quality shampoo is must. Make sure of using accurate color treated shampoo and conditioner for enjoying your hair color for long time. Whether you have your hair colored at home or professionally colored in salon, you will want to make your hair color last for longer. The stress increases especially when you need to be presentable in an event. Different ways of avoiding hair color fading are available that helps in offering better results.


Steps for having longer lasting hair color

  • Selecting a hair color that is suitable to your hairs is very important. After selecting the hair color don’t directly apply it to the hairs. Make sure that it is professionally blend for experiencing better results.
  • Cheap things are not always good, don’t just go for the cheapest hair colors. Reason is, if you are applying it, in long run you might need to pay few more money for coloring your hairs again.
  • Don’t forget to think about your lifestyle, will you be able to spend your bucks every 4 or 8 weeks in recoloring your hairs? If you can’t afford and do touch up every time, choose a shade of color that gets naturally blend to your hairs.
  • Selecting a shade closer to your natural hairs will help you in not identifying the fading of colors from the roots. Before planning of hair color, deep conditioning is mandatory. Deep conditions your hairs before a week. It helps the hair color grabbed onto the roots and hairs.
  • It also benefits in protecting your hairs from fading and discoloration. An additional tip, it protects the hairs from getting damaged by the chemicals and coloring solutions used in the hair color.
  • Wash your hairs before coloring. Let the natural oils play their role. Clean the hairs at least a day before for preventing hair damage and protecting the hair shaft. Using color enhancing shampoo is beneficial for the users.
  • Color enhancing conditioners and shampoos works best for touch ups in between of the process. It will make your hair color look vibrant and prevents from fading. If you are having a darker shade of hair color, selecting a glossy conditioner and shampoo for maintaining the sheer coat of hair colors sounds perfect.
  • It will increase the shine and give your hairs the original finish. Avoid the contact of sunlight because the UV rays can dry out the hair colors applied. It may look lifeless and dull. It is important to apply a conditioner first before moving out in the sun.
  • Using a temporary coloring stain spray on the roots of your hairs is helpful for emergent attentive to an event. It is easily available at any retailer store. Trust me it looks similar to a visit to salon. The touch ups helps in not fading the hair colors and last for long.