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Side Effects of Hair Coloring

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
Lady having Hair Coloring

Drawbacks of Hair Coloring

Got fantasized by seeing your favorite celebrity’s hair color? Well, while hair coloring it is totally a fun but it also is supplied with many side effects that you should be aware about. the damage or symptoms caused by hair coloring might not show its results immediately. It might take several days or week for showing its effects after the hair coloring sessions. And especially if you are coloring your hair often, the chances of getting it worst is more as compared to others. Think twice before heading towards hair color because it might permanently cause you with skin damage. So the below stated information is all you should know about what chemical therapies such as hair coloring your gorgeous hair might end up with.

Harmful effects of hair coloring:


Whether you are just experimenting it for the first time or want to hide your grey hair, you might be inviting severe allergic reaction for your body. The primary perpetrator to identify the allergies is a substance known as Parahenylenediamine or PPD.

Most of the common symptoms observed are itchy scalp, swelling in your scalp and redness. You might also get dandruff in your scalp, swelling surrounding your eyelids and eyes, and also observe scaly skin around your mouth, nose and around your eyes.

Brittle hair:

If you are often coloring your hair, many a times it gets over processed because of the chemicals used while hair coloring. Hair coloring products contains many harmful chemicals that might rough your hair. the chemical strip moisture away from your hair and it results into split or dry hair.

It might effect in separating the cuticle scales, and makes them brittle and dry. Ultimately your hair ends up losing its actual shine. And thus you will have to compromise by cutting off that section from your hair. It will lead in shortening the length you desired. And for getting rid of this problem, hair cut is the ultimate scope for locking up the damaged hair.

Irritating skin:

Many a times, hair coloring also causes damaging effects to your skin. Some of the common symptoms include redness, burning sensations, itchiness, discomfort and flaky skin. It is advisable to you for applying a 48 hours patch test before you head ahead for hair coloring.

Because during a patch test it is acknowledged, that the hair color is suitable to your skin tone or is suitable to your body or not. Even addition of suspended allergen is added to the patch and is observed for two days that it is not reacting or damaging your skin. it is advisable of seeing a dermatologist is itching or swelling is observed.


It is another reason that can lead in harmful effects of hair coloring. Those individual who are allergic to hair dyes often report of getting red rashes or side effects of the hair color. The rashes are generally observed on the places where the hair color is used or applied. If facing such situation, stop using hair dye for not damaging your skin.