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Home Remedies For Treating Split Ends

Sunday, June 25th, 2017
Treating split ends with homemade products

Treating split ends without cutting it

Hair is one of the most essential parts of the human body and it defines the entire look of your face. On an average, there are 1500000 stands of hair on a human head. All these strands of hair have to fight with many things on routine base like sun, dust, wind, pollution and not to forget all the styling equipment’s which is in trend these days like straightener, curler, dryer, hair spray, gels and plenty of such beauty products. All these hair treatment looks great on any occasion but making regular use of them will ruin and damage your hair thoroughly. There is nothing new when majority of girls and women’s complain of having dry and fizzy hair with split ends. The basic reasons of split ends are fraying of hair shaft because of excessive heat, dryness and mechanical stress. The good news is that now there is no need of extra expensive salon for treating split ends of your hair. You just need to open up your kitchen cabinets and your fridge and you will surely find some or the other way of treating split ends naturally. Here are some of the major causes of split ends:

  • Washing the hairs with hard water containing chlorine and such chemicals
  • Over washing your hairs
  • Irregular oiling of hairs
  • Lack of maintenance like trimming and cutting
  • Excessive exposure to heat, pollution, sun and dust
  • Overusing of styling tools like curler and straightener
  • Excessive usage of chemical treatment like perms and hair color
  • Over using of styling products like sprays, gels and serums

Home remedies for treating split ends

  • Papaya

Take one papaya which should be totally rip and add half cup of yogurt to it. Blend them properly altogether and create a pulpy paste out of it. You can consider this paste as a hair mask and apply this paste to the hair. Keep the paste for a time period of 30 minutes and then wash it off with clean water. This will make your hair sheen and solace and will treat split ends.

  • Eggs

This is one of the best homemade remedies to treat split ends. Application of eggs to your hairs will also cure the dullness and dryness. There are several ways in which eggs can be applied to your hair. You can mix olive oil with the egg and then apply it your hair. You can also add orange juice into one banana and two eggs and apply it to your hair as a hair mask. Keep this hair mask for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with clean water.

  • Beer

Beer is considered as a conditioner for your hair and it works really well in treating split ends from your hair. After doing shampoo, rinse your hair with beer and you will be glad to see the shine and gleam in your hair. Rinse your hair every single time with beer whenever you wash your hair and this will help to cure your hair from other damages along with split ends.