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Tips To Paint Nails Perfectly

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017
Painting your nails in perfect manner

Painting your nails perfectly

People find painting nails really easy. However painting nails effectively is not that easy. The corners of the nails should be painted perfectly and the nail paint should not go out of the edges or it will look really unfinished. There are plenty of colors of nail paints which you might not even know. The color of the nail paint you choose also reflects your mood and your personality. For classy look you should go for red, for happy look you should choose yellow color, for showing creativity you must go for green colored nail paint, purple color should be used mysterious personality. Well choose a nail paint color which goes well with your personality. Here are some of the tips for painting nails perfectly.

  • Three stokes is all what you need

For painting your nails perfectly, you must apply three coats nail paints. After applying the polish, three coats is mandatory to get proper finish. First of all dip the brush properly into the bottle and get a bead of polish which should be of decent size at the edge of the brush. Use the polish to do the majority of the work and use the brush to spread out as it is placed on the nail. The best way to paint your nail is to spread the brush to left then to right and to the center.

  • Apply the base coat

Add the base coat to nail and let it be on the nail for some time. Giving proper time to let the nail paint dry will make your nail paint more long lasting. Your nail paint will last for some extra days if the base coat is applied carefully.

  • Get your edges clean

While painting the nails, we all would have our edges painted along with the nails. Well these painted edges will not look that good. To clean those painted edges, you will need an ear bud and nail remover. Dip the ear bud in the nail remover and clean the paint from the edges of the nails. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the extra spilled nail paint. You can also use an old lip brush for cleaning the edges of nails.

  • Find the right kind of white

White nail paint always look very cool. Plane white looks really cool and not only that white is such a color which can be mixed with any other color to create a new color. Mix white nail paint with black and you will get gray nail paint. Mix red nail paint with white and you will get pink one. Choose a thick and streaky white colored nail paint so that it doesn’t go streaky or look very sheer.

  • Apply transparent coat of nail paint

After finishing the base coat and second coat of paint, apply the third coat of paint which is of transparent color. Transparent coat of paint will allow the final coat of paint to look more shiny and glossy and more finished.