Delay skin aging with 5 simple steps

anti aging, skin careSkin aging is a natural phenomenon. As with age, our skin ages as well but we can do our bit to delay aging for as long as we can and look younger for longer. Here are five simple steps with which you can delay your skin aging:

• Cleanse, moisturize and tone: follow these three things religious every day and your skin will thank you in the long run. Cleanse with soap free face wash, moisturize and tone with products that suit your skin type.

• Eating food that are laden with age defying properties that will slower your aging internally.

• Go for regular skin care rituals like a tightening facial or a relaxing massage and see the difference.

• Use a night cream every night and before that remove your make up. Never sleep with your make up on.

• Use fruit face masks to rejuvenate your skin at home.

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