Erectile dysfunction condition caused by lack of sex drive

A study performed by UK researchers revealed that two-thirds of men who participated at an email advice services on matters of sexual erection problems were facing erectile dysfunction problems due to lack of sex drive. The participants were all from the Middle East and India, where arranged marriage is a common practice. In this way, attraction for the opposite sex is limited. In this way, it seems that the self-confidence and self-esteem for men is severely affected, which in time leads to erectile dysfunction problems.

The medical team that was involved in this test included: a cardiologist, urologist, gynaecologist, a sexual health care practitioner, a psychiatrist and other assistants interested in this study. The sample willingly contacted the UK Sexual Advice Association by email or telephone and described the situation they are facing.

In order to reach this conclusion, there was a sample of 5351 telephones and approximately 2150 emails received during the period 2009-2010 and in 2011 the analysis started. Out of this range, there were 673 cases which required additional reply and investigation from a doctor in the case of erectile dysfunction.

Besides facing ED problems, it also seems that men refuse to look for help or advice when it comes to premature ejaculation problems and ED. The results of the study based on the 673 cases showed that:

• 71% of sample were originated from UK

• Most common problems faced: lack of sex drive (20%), erectile dysfunction (55%), premature ejaculation (5%) and other problems (20%)

• Lack of sex drive was the primary cause in the case of men aged between 25-40 years old
This study revealed erection problems that UK men may be facing outside their homeland, and also the retention when it comes to contacting a doctor and talking about these problems. Sexual problems have an indirect yet strong impact on men’s quality of life as well as psychological effects. After this campaign, the Sexual Advice Association is planning to start other such projects in the near future in order to help men get the right treatment and advice they need.

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