Home remedies To Cure Dry Skin

Curing dry skin with home made remedies

Curing dry skin with natural remedies

Do you have dry skin? Do you have any trouble working with your dry skin? If yes then I know annoying it can be. Among various types of skin issues, dry skin is one of the most problematic as it needs to be kept constantly moisturized. Well enough of this troubles, why to suffer so much when you have alternatives to get rid of it easily. Well for curing dry skin, you need any salon treatment where you have spent lots and lots of bucks. There are several homemade remedies which can cure dry skin without having to spent lots of bucks. Here is a list of best remedies to cure dry skin. This homemade remedies will not only make your dry skin to cure but will also make your skin glow and look flawless.

  • Jojoba oil solution

This is one of the most easiest and simple solution for curing dry skin. For making this solution, you will need ½ teaspoon of jojoba oil and three cups of warm water. You will also need a wash cloth. All you need to do is soak up the wash cloth in the warm water and then you need to put it over your face. Put this washed cloth for five to seven minutes on your face and then get it off. Take the jojoba oil and massage it on to your face and let it go deep inside your face. Massage your skin in a very gentle manner and do it in circular motions. Keep doing that for approximately 10 minutes.  Allow your skin to soak the oil completely. After that, wipe the excess oil by using the wash cloth. For better skin, you should do this process for once or twice in a month. The structure and ingredients of jojoba oil is similar to that of the natural oil of our face and hence it works perfectly in curing dry skin. While applying this oil, make sure that the water is not very hot or else it will damage your skin.

  • Olive oil massage

For making this treatment, you will need to have two teaspoons of virgin olive oils and you will also need to mix up 1 or 2 drops of essential lavender oil to it. Start massaging the concoction oil into your skin and then by using a wash cloth, wipe off the excess oil with it. You can also make use of a small amount as a leave in moisturizer. This can be a regular moisturizer and can be used in daily routine. Make sure to not to use in large volume and undiluted or else it can cause irritation on your skin.

  • Sour cream face mask

For curing dry skin, you can also use this solution. You need to mix 3 tablespoon of gram floor with 2 teaspoon of sour cream. Make use of this face mask on alternate days. Apply this mask on your face for 20 minutes and then clean it off with cold water.

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