Natural Remedies for Instant Glow

January 24th, 2017 by Mecky
Natural Remedies for glowing skin

Instant glowing skin using Natural Remedies

Everyone at the end wishes to have flawless and glowing skin, isn’t it? But in today’s time, when pollution is far more than population, it’s very important to take extra care of your skin in order to save the glowing moisture and the fairness of your skin. Even, people buy many different products for maintaining the radiance of their skin but, these products are only applicable and eligible working for some time. Whereas, natural remedies help in bringing wonders to your skin. Using these natural remedies helps in offering your charm and lost glow back that too instantly. It’s advisable of not wasting your precious time and money in salon, in fact juts give a little try to the natural remedies for enjoying instant glow.

Natural remedies:


When it comes for scrubber, oats works the best. Oats works as a great scrubber and offers your skin the perfect smoothness and shine. Start making the mixture by taking half a cup of oats and add warm water to it. Let it rest for some while because water will help in forming a thick paste. Apply the paste on the skin and gently rub it in a circular motion by using your fingers.

And for removing the blackheads, it’s advisable of rubbing harder around your nose say for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it off completely by using cold water and feel the glowing skin by using this natural remedy.

Ice cubes:

For increasing the blood circulation of your skin, use ice cubes. Rub ice cubes gently on your skin. It’s advisable of rubbing ice cubes before you add up your make up for any party or any special occasion. It helps the make up for lasting for a longer time and even offers with the prevention towards smudging of makeup.

Even you can add up few drops of your favorite moisturizer on the ice cubes and deeply massage it on your skin. This helps in instantly offering a glowing effect to your skin and instantly freshen ups your skin too.

Lemon and honey:

Lemon and honey are two beautiful combinations of natural remedies. Take a table spoon of honey and a table spoon of lemon juice. Mix it well unless and until honey gets dissolved totally into the solution. Before applying the natural remedial solution on your face, it’s advisable of moisturizing your face by applying water to it.

Apply the mixture on the face and let it rest for 25 to 25 minutes on your face. Both honey and lemon juices works as natural bleaching ingredient for your face. It helps in making your skin glowing and radiant instantly. After applying it and letting it rest, clean by using cold water. Make sure to clean properly and dry your face by a cotton cloth.


Tomato is considered other scrubbing natural ingredients that help in increasing the glow instantly. Take a tomato and rub it on your skin. It’s advisable of rubbing it on the entire area of your skin and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes. It contains natural bleaching ingredients that help in lighting the color and the tanned parts of your body.

Benefits of Regular Exercising

January 13th, 2017 by Mecky
Women Exercising in gym

Ladies Exercising in the gym

Want to feel better by adding more energy even for the upcoming years, just one thing to do, regular exercise. There are many health benefits of regular exercising. It also helps in increasing the physical activities capacity of your body which is hard to ignore. Every person gets benefits of regular exercise regardless to any age of group, sex or any physical ability. Still, in need of options and benefits of moving ahead? Check out the stated benefits of regular exercise. It will lead you in a healthier and happier life ahead.


Regular exercising benefits:

  • Regular exercising helps in reducing the risk of heart strokes and diseases. Regularly performing it helps in reducing the diseases that is liable for death. It helps in improving your immune system and improving the blood flow in your body.
  • In fact, studies have proved regular exercising helps in reducing at least 28 percentage of chances for heart strokes or breathing problem. Regular exercise benefits in reducing the incidence of high blood pressure. It reduces by 40 to 45 percentage of its ratio of damaging your body.
  • It proves to be healthier in aging as per a recent study. Regular exercising helps in reducing the likelihood that an older person will become disabled physically in future. The main objective of regular exercising if focusing ion workouts.
  • Workouts help in focusing on muscle buildup, its strength, flexibility and endurance. The posture improves the spinal pressure and helps in improving how you feel day to day. Due to performing high impact workouts and regular exercising, it increases the mass of your bones and makes them even stronger.
  • The issue of stress is sorted off by regular exercising. Your body offers feel good elements during prolonged and intact exercise. The physical activities also help in improving the mental health. It in return helps in improving your self-esteem, as you take everything to be positive for caring yourself.
  • Regular exercising helps in reducing the chances to attract flue or cold very frequently. It is due to increasing the circulation of cells that ward off bacteria and viruses by improving the responding agent if your body towards influenza vaccine.
  • Regular exercising makes you feel happier every day. Stress management becomes easy if you’re performing it every day. Now, there’s no need of taking anti-depressing pills for reducing your stress level.
  • Not getting better sleep at night? Regular exercising helps in getting a sound sleep that is important for your daily routine. Exercise helps in giving your energy and as you’re working out, it would result into fatigue body at night.
  • It will ultimately result into getting tired and falling asleep. Even though it might not be your bed time, you’ll still be feeling of going to bed as you’re tired of working out. Regular exercise helps in improving your learning power. When you’re exercising your body allows boosting of brain that can help you in learning better. It helps in stabilizing your mind and being calm. It improves your resistant power that helps in increasing the capacity of adhering something in your body.

Benefits of Oiling your Hair Regularly

December 12th, 2016 by Mecky

Girl applying Hair oil

Oiling your hair is one of the best example or workout for your curls to gain strength and grow well. Although we know that the method of using and applying hair oil has evolved, but oiling for strong and long hair is still followed from ancient era. Generally, scalp has its own way of generating natural oil for providing better nourishment to the growing hair. So what amount of oil to be applied? Too much of oil will block the pores on the scalp through which the sin breathes and the oil is absorbed. So it is advisable of applying warm oil into the scalp. The below stated benefits will help you in knowing different advantages of applying hair oil regularly.

Benefits of hair oil:

  • The basic concept of hair growing is, hair grows well when proper nourishment is provided. Hair is just a protein strand which requires regular feed of proteins, vitamins and other essentials. Applying hair oil twice a week and massaging it well helps in regaining the shine and charm of your hair.
  • It helps in regaining the shine whatever the hair loses while ironing, applying any chemical treatments or curling your hair. Massing helps in opening the pores of the hair and helps in better absorption of oil in the roots.
  • Regular hair oil helps in preventing the scalp from fungal and bacterial infection. Clogging of the pores of hair has major to minor issues when the scalp gets contaminated. If the scalp is getting tender and you can observe many red spots in it, it is advisable of consulting a dermatologist.
  • Regularly applying hair oil with honey helps in offering an anti-bacterial treatment and provides necessary elements to the scalp for staying hydrated and healthy. Hair oil helps in relaxing your mind and body. Massaging the hair and scalp with Luke warm oil helps in rejuvenating the loss due to curling or ironing and using chemical treatment.
  • It helps in increasing the blood circulation of brain and the whole of head area. It is advisable of regularly oiling your hair before washing and keep hot towel wrapped around the head say for 30 to 40 minutes that will help in better absorption by strengthening the roots.
  • If you want to relax you mind and body, it can be easily possible by massaging your scalp. This will offer a better wish of relaxation. Eye sight is tending to improve by regularly oiling and massaging your hair.
  • Hair becomes weak and leads to baby hair or breakage if there are fewer amounts of proteins. Hair oil like castor oil, olive oil and almond oil helps in regaining the old strength. Split end is one of the major problems observed while facing protein deficiency in your hair.
  • Regular hair oiling helps in providing the luster and shine of your hair. Oil helps in keeping the split hair together and nourish it properly for maintaining its strength. Oiling your hair regularly will help in getting rid of dandruff. Using special types of oil that prevents dandruff will help you in increasing the quality of your hair.

Side Effects of Hair Coloring

November 9th, 2016 by Mecky
Lady having Hair Coloring

Drawbacks of Hair Coloring

Got fantasized by seeing your favorite celebrity’s hair color? Well, while hair coloring it is totally a fun but it also is supplied with many side effects that you should be aware about. the damage or symptoms caused by hair coloring might not show its results immediately. It might take several days or week for showing its effects after the hair coloring sessions. And especially if you are coloring your hair often, the chances of getting it worst is more as compared to others. Think twice before heading towards hair color because it might permanently cause you with skin damage. So the below stated information is all you should know about what chemical therapies such as hair coloring your gorgeous hair might end up with.

Harmful effects of hair coloring:


Whether you are just experimenting it for the first time or want to hide your grey hair, you might be inviting severe allergic reaction for your body. The primary perpetrator to identify the allergies is a substance known as Parahenylenediamine or PPD.

Most of the common symptoms observed are itchy scalp, swelling in your scalp and redness. You might also get dandruff in your scalp, swelling surrounding your eyelids and eyes, and also observe scaly skin around your mouth, nose and around your eyes.

Brittle hair:

If you are often coloring your hair, many a times it gets over processed because of the chemicals used while hair coloring. Hair coloring products contains many harmful chemicals that might rough your hair. the chemical strip moisture away from your hair and it results into split or dry hair.

It might effect in separating the cuticle scales, and makes them brittle and dry. Ultimately your hair ends up losing its actual shine. And thus you will have to compromise by cutting off that section from your hair. It will lead in shortening the length you desired. And for getting rid of this problem, hair cut is the ultimate scope for locking up the damaged hair.

Irritating skin:

Many a times, hair coloring also causes damaging effects to your skin. Some of the common symptoms include redness, burning sensations, itchiness, discomfort and flaky skin. It is advisable to you for applying a 48 hours patch test before you head ahead for hair coloring.

Because during a patch test it is acknowledged, that the hair color is suitable to your skin tone or is suitable to your body or not. Even addition of suspended allergen is added to the patch and is observed for two days that it is not reacting or damaging your skin. it is advisable of seeing a dermatologist is itching or swelling is observed.


It is another reason that can lead in harmful effects of hair coloring. Those individual who are allergic to hair dyes often report of getting red rashes or side effects of the hair color. The rashes are generally observed on the places where the hair color is used or applied. If facing such situation, stop using hair dye for not damaging your skin.


How to Avoid the Hair Color Fading

October 20th, 2016 by Mecky
Girl holding Hair Color strip of her hairs

Hair Color fading tips

Now that you are having your most gorgeous, beautiful and stunning hair color, marinating it from fading is also an important point. It is easy to avoid the hair colors fading at home too. Proper utilization of colors and quality shampoo is must. Make sure of using accurate color treated shampoo and conditioner for enjoying your hair color for long time. Whether you have your hair colored at home or professionally colored in salon, you will want to make your hair color last for longer. The stress increases especially when you need to be presentable in an event. Different ways of avoiding hair color fading are available that helps in offering better results.


Steps for having longer lasting hair color

  • Selecting a hair color that is suitable to your hairs is very important. After selecting the hair color don’t directly apply it to the hairs. Make sure that it is professionally blend for experiencing better results.
  • Cheap things are not always good, don’t just go for the cheapest hair colors. Reason is, if you are applying it, in long run you might need to pay few more money for coloring your hairs again.
  • Don’t forget to think about your lifestyle, will you be able to spend your bucks every 4 or 8 weeks in recoloring your hairs? If you can’t afford and do touch up every time, choose a shade of color that gets naturally blend to your hairs.
  • Selecting a shade closer to your natural hairs will help you in not identifying the fading of colors from the roots. Before planning of hair color, deep conditioning is mandatory. Deep conditions your hairs before a week. It helps the hair color grabbed onto the roots and hairs.
  • It also benefits in protecting your hairs from fading and discoloration. An additional tip, it protects the hairs from getting damaged by the chemicals and coloring solutions used in the hair color.
  • Wash your hairs before coloring. Let the natural oils play their role. Clean the hairs at least a day before for preventing hair damage and protecting the hair shaft. Using color enhancing shampoo is beneficial for the users.
  • Color enhancing conditioners and shampoos works best for touch ups in between of the process. It will make your hair color look vibrant and prevents from fading. If you are having a darker shade of hair color, selecting a glossy conditioner and shampoo for maintaining the sheer coat of hair colors sounds perfect.
  • It will increase the shine and give your hairs the original finish. Avoid the contact of sunlight because the UV rays can dry out the hair colors applied. It may look lifeless and dull. It is important to apply a conditioner first before moving out in the sun.
  • Using a temporary coloring stain spray on the roots of your hairs is helpful for emergent attentive to an event. It is easily available at any retailer store. Trust me it looks similar to a visit to salon. The touch ups helps in not fading the hair colors and last for long.

How to get Rid of Pimple Overnight

August 11th, 2016 by Mecky

How to get Rid of Pimple OvernightPimple is such a thing which foresees us of getting rid of it as fast as possible right? And for that we need to go for accepting more of chemicals and treatments which is nothing but showing us with many of the defecting and damaging effects to our body. But let me tell you that it is considered to be easy of getting rid of pimple overnight. Well, according to me it is not good of using chemicals and such expensive treatments if you are getting the options of using some of the natural remedies which can help you in the matters of getting rid of pimple overnight. I know it seems to be hearing something different but it is possible, you can get rid of pimple overnight and that too by just using some of the natural tips for it.

Some of the natural tricks and tips which can help you in getting rid of pimple overnight, which you can also go for trying it up while you are facing certainly such of the problem. There are many ways which can help you in getting rid of pimple overnight like using ice cubes, using lemon juice to get rid of pimple overnight, etc. and many such tips which we can call for and count under the list of the options of getting rid of pimple overnight.

How to get rid of pimple overnight

  • It is considered to be important to having certain things in mind while complying with the process of getting rid of pimple overnight because it is going to be beneficial to you only which is also considered to be in your hands too.
  • Ice cubes are considered to be the easiest way which can help you in getting rid of pimple overnight. Ice cubes works as the agents which makes the pimple and the swollen portion of it to be less in a night which can help you in getting rid of it in just a night.
  • Honey is being recognized with the feature of disinfectant which can help you in killing up the germs which are present on the pimple. You can go for applying it on the skin and keep it for 20 to 30 minutes after that rinse it with the help of warm water which will help you in taking off all the sticky part of honey from your face.
  • As stated above, there are many ways which can help you in the matters of getting rid of pimple overnight and from those one if the lemon juice which is considered to be showing its citric effects on the pimple which can be sorted and can get rid of it as fast as possible.
  • Go with mixing the lemon juice with the cinnamon powder and get it on directly to the spot where you observe your pimple on your face. This will help you in getting it removed as fast as possible because it will react up with the bacteria which will result in getting it off from your face.




3 Harmful Effects of having Tattoo

July 18th, 2016 by Mecky

Harmful Effects of having TattooNobody is saying no to you to have a tattoo on your body, but there are certain things which you need to take in to account and which can be considered to be amongst the harmful effects of tattoo which you need to go through. Impressing tattoo on your body is definitely going to increase up your charm and beauty but you need to also see the other side of your tattoo which is going to be suffered by your body. Many skin toned are not basically formulated or in the favour of the tattoos and thus it starts reacting up on your body. For those people, tattoo is not considered to be good option which you must go for trying it up. Well, there are many harmful effects of tattoos which you need to take in to consideration while going for or thinking of having permanent tattoo on your body.

So it is considered to be important for looking certain things which are considered to be having and showing up harmful effects of having tattoo. Well, there are many things which you need to take in to account while knowing for the harmful effects of having tattoo like you must go for checking the store or the person is safe enough for making a tattoo on your body, see for the needles which he is going to use, etc. and many more of the things which you need to comply with at the time of knowing for the harmful effects of having tattoo on your body.

Harmful effects of having tattoo

  1. Tattoos are considered to be showing most of adorable look to your body but certainly you need to take in to account certain things which can be considered to be showing up the harmful effects of having tattoo. The first thing which you need to comply with while going for knowing about the harmful effects of having tattoo on your body is the cause of HIV. Yes, you heard it right. Many times the person don’t go for using better quality of needle and because of that the question of HIV arises which is considered to be harmful for your body.
  2. Some of the time it proves to be having allergic reaction. The ink which is going to be used for your tattoo is not suitable for your skin tone and these results in to getting allergic reaction to your body. Not only that, but it is considered to be having common problem while everyone is going for attempting such tattoo on their body.
  3. Skin infection is considered to be other issues which you can consider at the time of having harmful effects of having tattoo on your body. Well, tattoos can be infectious by just using the sterile needles also. There are many reasons or symptoms which can conclude to proof of getting skin infection on your body like red rashes, swollen area of the tattoo which you have gone for, paining and burning sensation, etc. and many more which you can consider to be harmful effects of having tattoo.

Easy Tips To Reduce Pimples

June 24th, 2016 by beaumoj

Reduce pimplesFor looking nice and attractive, it’s not just enough to have good clothes, cute accessories and nice pair of shoes, having attractive, glowing and pimple free skin is also important. Each one of us in certain phase of life had this irritating issue of pimples and all of the always tried to hunt for the ways to reduce pimples. When we wake up in the morning, pimples are one of the most stressful things to spot and then we try this and that to reduce pimples.  Pimples are ugly they are red and they are also infectious. It is very important for any person to have a clean and clear skin and get rid of pimples and find the effective tips to reduce pimples. Here are some of the ways to reduce pimples.

  • Keep your face clean

Cleaning your face is by far the most important tips to reduce pimples. One of the reasons of having pimples is built up of dirt and dust on your face which results in a pimple. Hence if you want to reduce pimples you must keep your face clean. Even if you are not having pimples then also washing your face frequently will improve the quality of your skin and help you remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. While you are washing your face for reducing pimples, don’t use soap every single time you wash your face. Try and use mild face cleanser this will improve quality of your skin. While washing your face, don’t use warm water as instead of reducing pimples, hot water will increase your pimples. You can use warm or cold water for washing your face.

  • Watch your hairs

For reducing pimples, only focusing on your face is not enough and making your face oil free is not sufficient. You should make sure that along with oil free face, you should also have oil free hairs. Leaving oil overnight in your hairs will cause your face to be oily and this will increase pimples on your face. The hairs will touch your face and the dirt and oil of your hairs will touch your face and make it dirty and oil which is definitely not going to reduce pimples on your face. Also lessen the use of products like hair gel, deodorants, perfume and fragrance as they can clog your skin pores which can result in increased pimples on your face.

  • Apply ice

Ice is one of the most effective ways of reducing pimples from your face. Ice is such a thing which soothes your skin especially the affected area which would enable your skin to become pimple free. Applying ice on your face that too on the affected area will help you remove the dirt and oil which is trapped inside your skin and it will help to reduce pimples from your face. Put an ice cube in a cloth and rub it on your face, you can also apply crushed ice on the face.

How to Reduce your Acne

May 23rd, 2016 by Mecky

How to Reduce your AcneEvery girl faces with some sort of age which is not in the situation or in the hands of the girls, like we can say the acne problems. Yes, you heard it right. Acne is such a thing which not only demoralizes a girl but it also dissatisfies the confidence level of women. It is considered to be one of the most common issues which you can observe up in today’s time. Each and every woman is being facing this problem of acne. There are many reasons which can be considered for acne like because of taking more of stress, not adequate amount of sleep, etc. and many such other reasons which can be considered to be the factor which is taken in to account for the matters of acne on your face. It is necessary to reduce the acne which has been present on your face because it will help you in presenting yourself in the front of the world in a better manner.

There are many things and methods which can help you in getting or reducing your acne which has been present on your face. There are many things which can help you in reducing your acne like adequate amount of sleep, lowering down the stress level, having a proper diet, etc. and many such more of the ways which can not only help you in reducing your acne but will also enthuse your confidence to present yourself.  The further discussion will help you in getting all the information and the ways which you are in need of for the matters of reducing your acne.

How to reduce your acne

  • Well, if you will ask me than there are many ways, natural as well as medical treatments are available in the market which you can go for. But it is more advisable to avoid the medical treatment because it has also been supplied with more amount of side effects. Natural ways will help you in not only removing it from the deep of your skin but will stop it and help you in reducing your acne which has been present on your face.
  • Sleep is considered to be one of the biggest factors which can help you in the matters of reducing your acne because if you will get better sleep than the body will help you in retaining the freshness and the stress level will be released. This will lead to proper amount of body satisfaction which can help you in reducing your acne. Do don’t forget to have a plenty some of your beauty sleep to enjoy your fresh face free from acne.
  • Another way which can help you in reducing your acne is the diet. If you are having junky diet, if you are taking more amount of junk food and avoiding the hygienic and appropriate food than mark my words, you need to avoid that. Junk food contains many wrong things for your body which leads to increase in the acne in your body. In fact go for the proper diet which will not only help you in reducing your acne but will also help you in lowering and losing of your weight.

Tips to Reduce Hair Fall

June 29th, 2015 by beaumoj

Hair lossHairs are the most important thing for any women. Beauty of any women enhances with beautiful hairs. However rich dress you wear, without good hairs it doesn’t give that good look. It’s not enough to have good hairs you also need to maintain it. Because there is nothing more attractive than a head of thick and shiny hairs that shows natural beauty. But in these days every second girl is facing the same problem and that is of hair fall. Now you might be wondering worried how to overcome it as it’s ending up your hairs quantity and quality. Here are some easy and useful tips to overcome your hair fall problem.

1)      Hair oil massage

The easiest and most common step to fight against hair fall is oiling your scalp. It’s not just oiling, you need to do oiling with proper amount of oil and massage it properly. Proper hair and scalp massage will increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, enhance and strengthen the hair roots and conditions the scalp. It also reduces your stress and relaxes your head. There are various oils beneficial in hair loss such as olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, amla oil, almond oil and many others. If you want faster and better result, you can add few drops of rosemary essential oil to the base oil. There are also some other oils wheat germ oil, emu oil and argan oil.

2)      Onion Juice

Onion contains high amount of sulfur and due to this it helps treating hair loss. Onion juice reduces inflammation, increases blood circulation to the hair and regenerate hair follicles. Onion juice has antibacterial qualities that fights and removes those bacteria’s that helps in killing germs and parasites. It also recovers scalp infections which causes hair fall. According to a research 74% of people who applied onion juice on the scalp has observed a great re growth of hairs. By grating the onion, extract its juice and then strain it. Put the juice on the scalp and let be there on your scalp for half an hour. Then wash it and then shampoo it. By using this you can prevent your hair from hair fall.

3)      Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a good container of enzymes which gives significant hair growth. It contains alkalizing properties which can help bring the pH of scalp and hairs to a more significant level which is very beneficial for hair growth and stoppage of hair fall. You can also get rid of scalp itching with the regular use of aloe Vera. Reduction in scalp redness, inflammation, strengthening, adding luster to hair and getting rid of dandruff are some of the other benefits you avail from using aloe Vera. Aloe Vera and aloe Vera gel both will be equally beneficial. You should apply aloe Vera juice or gel on the scalp. Leave the juice on the scalp for few hours and then wash the hairs with the lukewarm water. For better and regular result repeat this process three to four times a week.  You can also try out drinking aloe vera juice empty stomach for seeing even better results.