Vitamin E Oil and Hair Care

vitamin E, hair careIf you’re tired of hair fall, split ends, dry, rough and unmanageable hair, then stop experimenting with various chemical solutions and shampoos and hair treatment serums. Instead, go for vitamin E. vitamin E has wonderful effects on both hair and skin and contrary to popular belief vitamin E gives better and faster results when it comes to hair as compared to olive oil.

You can take vitamin E as a capsule. If you don’t want to consume it, you can burst the capsules and take the sticky liquid and mix it with a hair pack or simple almond or coconut oil and give yourself a massage. These two methods are the most effective ways to get vitamin E for long, thick and healthy hair. Some natural foods which contain vitamin E are spinach, mustard greens, chards, kale, red bell peppers, and tropical foods. Follow these tips and get wonderful hair in no time.

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